Basement Remodeling
in Atlanta, GA

New Spirit Old Space

A basement remodel can expand the usable square-footage of your home while simultaneously increasing the value of your home. Copper Sky Design + Remodel can finish or update your existing basement and increase your home’s overall worth. 

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New Spaces

Finishing your basement is a great way to maximize unused space in your home.  It is common for older homes to have unfinished basements or crawl spaces that can be repurposed for many different uses.    

Crawl Space Conversions

Homes with crawlspaces rather than full-height basements are very common in certain areas of the country, particularly around Atlanta.  It is definitely possible to convert crawlspaces to usable basements with some creative design and excavation.  Below is an example of a basement excavation that we recently completed in Atlanta.

Luxury Features to Consider

Whether you have a growing family, business, or a new hobby, basements can be reconfigured to adapt to your lifestyle and provide additional square footage to your home. Renovating unfinished basements add usable square footage without sacrificing yard space.

basement can be remodeled into an array of spaces to fit you or your family’s lifestyle. For example, a basement can be used for:

Historic home custom wine cellar renovation.

Finished Basements

Basements not only have the ability to add extra storage, but can be used for a multitude of uses, including a workshop, or an entirely separate living space. Similar to second-floor additions, basements are also a great way to add space to your home without sacrificing the square footage of your yard. Finished basements also increase the value of your home by presenting future buyers with more bang for their buck. Basement remodel costs also depend on the type of project you’re looking to invest in. The opportunities are endless when it comes to the uses of a newly finished basement. 

  • Home theatre rooms: Why go to the movies when you can integrate a home theatre room of your own. Theatre rooms are becoming more prominent in households throughout Atlanta and can make for a more attractive home for future buyers. Nationally, home theatre additions average $87,000 for a complete setup that includes a surround sound, projector, recliners and much more. 

  • Home Gym: Home gyms not only incentivize you to stay active, they’re also a great investment because they rid you of outrageous monthly gym fees that can cost you much more than you might think in the long run. 

  • Game room: Having a game room in your home is a great opportunity to create a healthy environment for the whole family to enjoy. Say goodbye to expensive family outings and instead, create memorable moments within your home. 

  • Studio: Integrating a finished basement studio is a great way to make a creative space to escape and have an outlet for inspiration. It’s also a great way to bring your family together to create something new.

Finishing your basement has several upsides that will turn out to be beneficial for your family. Instead of being a damp and cluttered space for old boxes and laundry, create your own subterranean refuge and leave your worries at the top of the stairs.