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Copper Sky Design + Remodel is a leading design and remodeling company bringing a unique approach to kitchen, bathroom, additions, and full home renovations in Atlanta, GA.  We believe restoring and revitalizing the older historic homes around Atlanta is important to preserving our beautiful city. 

Each town neighborhood has its own distinct character and personality, and we strive to help this charm and style shine through with each of our renovations. Unsure if we work in your area? Ready to get started? Have other questions? Contact us to discuss.

Red panel home exterior with screened porch and swimming pool with stone hot tub.

In Ansley Park, renowned for its prestigious homes and lush greenery, we specialize in renovating historic properties, restoring their unique architectural details while infusing modern luxury. Atlanta home remodeling takes a sophisticated turn in this neighborhood.

Avondale Estates boasts a distinct Tudor-style architecture. Our Atlanta design-build expertise shines in preserving these elegant structures with thoughtful home additions and modern yet timeless kitchen and bathroom remodels.

Brookhaven’s diverse architectural styles call for a customized approach. As seasoned Atlanta home remodelers, we excel in creating seamless additions and luxury remodels that enhance the beauty and functionality of these distinctive homes.

In Buckhead, where grandeur meets sophistication, our whole home remodeling services are in demand. We tailor our approach to each stately home, ensuring every Atlanta kitchen remodel and renovation aligns with the neighborhood’s upscale aesthetic.

Cabbagetown’s charm lies in its historic mill houses. Our expertise in remodeling Decatur and similar historic areas makes us adept at upgrading these unique homes with respect for their heritage and an eye for contemporary design.

Candler Park homes blend historic charm with urban convenience. Our Atlanta home renovation services enhance these qualities, ensuring each remodel adds value and modern comfort while preserving the area’s architectural integrity.

Chastain Park’s luxury homes are a perfect canvas for our high-end remodeling services. From expansive home additions to sophisticated kitchen and bathroom upgrades, our team ensures each project in Atlanta mirrors the elegance of this neighborhood.

Decatur’s vibrant, eclectic style inspires our remodeling work. Specializing in remodeling Decatur homes, we focus on bespoke renovations that reflect each homeowner’s unique style while enhancing the neighborhood’s diverse architectural character.

In Druid Hills, historic homes demand respectful yet innovative renovations. Our Atlanta home remodeling services skillfully balance preserving classic details with introducing modern amenities and luxuries.

Dunwoody’s family-oriented neighborhoods are ideal for our comprehensive Atlanta home remodelers’ services. We specialize in creating functional, stylish spaces that cater to the needs of modern families while upholding the area’s aesthetic standards.

Garden Hills’ historic homes are a testament to timeless elegance. Our expertise in Atlanta home renovation shines through in our ability to modernize these homes while maintaining their classic charm and character.

In Inman Park, where Victorian homes abound, our Atlanta design-build team excels in restoring and modernizing these gems. We ensure every renovation respects the area’s historical significance while meeting contemporary needs.

Kirkwood’s blend of historic and modern homes presents unique remodeling opportunities. As leading Atlanta home remodelers, we adeptly navigate these contrasts, delivering renovations that honor the past while embracing modern living.

In Lake Claire, where eclectic homes dot the landscape, our Atlanta home remodeling projects focus on creating personalized spaces that reflect each homeowner’s style, ensuring every renovation is as unique as the neighborhood itself.

Midtown Atlanta’s mix of traditional and contemporary architecture calls for a nuanced approach to remodeling. Our whole home remodeling expertise ensures each project enhances the urban appeal of these homes while maximizing their functionality.

Morningside’s classic homes are ideal for our elegant Atlanta kitchen remodel and bathroom renovation services. We specialize in updating these spaces to meet modern luxury standards while preserving the neighborhood’s historic charm.

In North Druid Hills, our remodeling projects often involve significant transformations. Our Atlanta home remodelers are skilled in both extensive renovations and tasteful upgrades, enhancing the area’s diverse architectural styles.

Oakhurst’s bungalows and cottages are perfect candidates for our Atlanta design build services. We focus on expanding and enhancing these charming homes, integrating modern elements while respecting their original character.

Paces Ferry’s luxurious estates are a showcase for our high-end remodeling expertise. From grand home additions to deluxe kitchen and bathroom remodels, our work in Atlanta reflects the opulence and sophistication of this area.

In Sandy Springs, we bring our whole home remodeling expertise to a range of architectural styles, from mid-century modern to contemporary. Our focus is on creating cohesive, luxurious living spaces that cater to upscale lifestyles.

Smyrna’s growing community is an ideal backdrop for our diverse Atlanta home renovation services. Whether it’s updating a historic home or modernizing a newer construction, our work enhances both the beauty and functionality of these residences.

Vinings’ picturesque settings inspire our Atlanta home remodelers to create spaces that blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings. Our renovations prioritize elegance, comfort, and a connection to the outdoors.

In Virginia Highland, our Atlanta kitchen remodel and bathroom renovation projects respect the area’s historic character while introducing modern comforts and efficiencies, perfectly blending old and new.

Winnona Park’s family-friendly atmosphere is a great match for our home addition Atlanta services. We focus on creating spaces that enhance family living while maintaining the quaint charm of this beloved neighborhood.

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